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Jon at March 9th at 1:21am Reply
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Nathanael Hoey at March 23rd at 4:52pm Reply
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Omar felix at January 18th at 9:21pm Reply
Jennifer Houston at February 8th at 12:50pm Reply
Hello everyone! I’m new to this site and with this whole activation lock on iPhone. Here’s my whole story. I bought this iPhone SE for my daughter (not the first one either) and set it up. After we got her Apple ID and password on it she got really mad at me and her father (she is 15/16) so she went in and changed all the information I knew was on it. To make matters worse she ended up leaving because I wouldn’t let her do whatever she wanted. She wanted me to let her have this phone to take with her and I said no. I need a phone anyway. I didn’t have a new iPhone or an old one either. I called apple services and they were no help. I can’t remember where I put purchase info at so they don’t believe I am the one who bought it. I have asked almost even begged my daughters and apple to help. Well the answer is no no no. So here is information off box and phone: serial #DX3TGL0NHTVT; MIEI#:353793081243167; Model A1662. I can’t afford to pay to have it unlocked because I am trying to go to school and get a degree and I also live in very ecemonically hard places. No jobs here that’s why I’m going to school. If anyone out there could help me I would be so grateful and maybe there’s something you need I could help out with. Thanks for your time and consideration. Please contact me at or leave message st 13043095332.
Rolfe Ringman at February 22nd at 5:43am Reply
How do I subscribe and create the DNS to be permanent when I reopen? Please send instructions or where I exactly go for step by step instructions? This is an exciting to have found your site that works , I to am new to this site. Could you even email me with detailed instructions ? Cheers
Jon doe at March 24th at 7:01am Reply
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