As you know, among other projects, we plan to launch an educational and informative blog in the subject of Apple, as well as information technology. The target audience of our blog is apple-geeks and people who are more or less interested in the field of information technology. We plan not only to share our knowledges with the audience, but also to get up-to-date information from you. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange information, which will be useful to you and our resource. You can share educational and cognitive information on the pages of our blog. You can offer us an article of your authorship, and we will share it on your behalf with all our users and readers!

You can send us material, make its markup and add suitable illustrations. Articles can include an advertisement. If you write materials in this field, work in IT, namely in the services of development, design or copywriting - declare yourself! For our part, we promise solid traffic from all over the world.

We will process your material and, if necessary, offer corrections or changes. If we come to a common denominator about the corrections, extensions and type of text, then we publish the material referring to your authorship!

Here are some general rules for accepting material that you need to pay attention to before you send us an article:

  1. You can send only texts that you personally authored. Being familiar with other articles, you could write your own, so the text can be on a common topic, but it must be necessarily unique.

  2. We do not pay for your material, but instead offer its placement on a large project. This is an opportunity to show your opinion and sign in the subject to the world for free.

  3. Before we check the text, it will not be displayed on the site. If we have any questions or proposal(s), we will contact you, discuss the edits, and only then publish the text.

We reserve the right not to publish the text if we consider it inappropriate and not relevant to the subject matter of the site. The article should not contain insulting words and phrases, as well as mistakes.

We publish the text only with your personal consent and under your authorship. If together we have worked on edits, the final version of the text is published only by mutual consent, again, under your name.


Fairul arfakin at September 27th at 5:48pm Reply
Help ke to actived my iPhone
pibang at September 27th at 5:59pm Reply
Help to activate my phone
pibang at September 27th at 6:03pm Reply
Help to activate my phone
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James hiltz at September 29th at 7:56pm Reply
How do i get into Bluetooth settings so I can use mini speaker? It possible?
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Help to activate my phone
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Help me activation lock
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Help me activation lock iPhone6
Brian hougland at October 17th at 8:40pm Reply
Looks great