What are we announcing?

We are working to simplify and improve the working process with locked devices for users of our services ProWebIOS and FreeWebIOS. For example, people often write us that the can`t use the IPhone for convenient viewing of videos on YouTube, because when they turn the smartphone to the horizontal position, the image on the screen does not take the same horizontal proportions, that means, the screen rotation function is unavailable.

Agree, this complicates and limits our users. We paid attention to this problem, and decided to eliminate it for users of our service.

What exactly are we working on?

So far, in our plans to fix the problem for watching videos on YouTube. We chose this resource precisely because people often use it. Perhaps in the future we will develop an effective system for comfortable viewing videos released on any resource, but first of all we set a smaller goal in order to achieve the maximum operational and quality results.

For whom will the function be available?

Our development will be available to users of ProWebIOS and FreeWebIOS services, the additional function does not provide any additional fees from you. FreeWebIOS users do not need to enter additional data and register. We just do more for our users and subscribers.

If you have read this material, but have not yet used our services, you can register by clicking on the link.

When will the function become available?

Development will become available to you in very short lines. As soon as we are ready for the presentation, we will announce the function in advance, and also we will release the material about the occasion of the function release in the production. We will test the function and show it to you in a completely ready to use form.

How to activate the screen rotation function on the device?

We will provide a step by step video in which we demonstrate the activation process of the function on your IPhone. This will be a detailed instruction ‘how to use`. As soon as the development of the service is over, we will publish the news, where we will announce the link to the video instruction and, in fact, notify you about the start. Use all the features of our services and enjoy useful functions!


Mike at May 29th at 5:59am Reply
Good news
John at May 29th at 10:00am Reply
When exactly it will be launched?
Support Pro Web iOS at May 29th at 10:05am Reply
John, we can't announce the exact date now, but we will announce it in the near future.
Jesussolis at June 1st at 4:37pm Reply
Support Pro Web iOS,
Moon at May 29th at 2:32pm Reply
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