All news of the service Pro Web iOS.

We presented 45 passes to use the service, including unlimited subscriptions!
As a token of gratitude to our audience for the stable use of services, we give a free subscription to services of the pro-category. This means that our users will be able to enjoy the benefits of a paid version for free.
As you know, among other projects, we plan to launch an educational and informative blog in the subject of Apple, as well as information technology. The target audience of our blog is apple-geeks and people who are more or less interested in the field of information technology.
rotation of the screen when viewing YouTube videos
So far, in our plans to fix the problem for watching videos on YouTube. We chose this resource precisely because people often use it. Perhaps in the future we will develop an effective system for comfortable viewing videos released on any resource, but first of all we set a smaller goal in order to achieve the maximum operational and quality ...